Our Wines

Torre de Barreda Tempranillo

The Tempranillo is the most well-known grape variety in Spain. It is grown in 28 out of 54 Origin Apellations (D.O.) and in 27 out of 49 regions where Vino de la Tierra is produced. It is also cultivated in Portugal, France, Argentina and the U.S.A. It has more than 15 local names and results in very different wines depending on the land and climate.  

Our aim with Torre de Barreda Tempranillo is to show the varietal fruit developed in our “terroir” in Toledo. It is not strictly a young wine because it has been aged for 5 months in oak
barrels. The result is a young and fresh wine distinguished by a base of black and red matured fruit, tones of licorice and anise, and gentle touches of balsamic and spice from the cask.

The grapes used for its production come from our three vineyard areas: La Dehesilla, Monte Alto y Pancierto. The minimum distance between the three estates is 10 km, and 20 the maximum. This gives us a great versatility to blend wines from the grapes of older and
younger vines from three different terroirs looking for the perfect balance. The average age of the vines used to make this wine is around 30 years.


  • Torre de Barreda Tempranillo 2012: Gold Medal Tempranillos al Mundo 2014
  • Torre de Barreda Tempranillo 2011: Bronze Medal China Wine Awards 2013
  • Torre de Barreda Tempranillo 2011: Silver Medal La Selección (Germany) 2013
  • Torre de Barreda Tempranillo 2011: Gold Medal Tempranillos al Mundo 2013

Torre de Barreda Graciano

In the year 2015 we planted 4,5 Graciano hectares in our Monte Alto estate. Our aim with this variety is to elaborate a wine with lower alcohol content and higher acidity in our Toledo region ; but with a remarkable personality and palate.

The Graciano variety is original from the North of Spain, whe is often used to assemble with Tempranillo, given it´s good acidity. If you bring it down to warmer regions like ours, you can achieve a good maturation maintaining the freshness.

It´s a low productivity variety and a late sprout and maturation. With straight leaves, it´s compacted clusters are medium to big sized, pyramidal shaped and with short shoulders. The berry is medium to small sized, intense dark colour and a solid skin.

Torre de Barreda Syrah

Different theories locate the origin of the Syrah variety on different areas of the Middle East or in Sicily. It is widely planted in South and Central France, so other opinions place its origin in the Rhône. The grape has later expanded to other countries like Australia, California, Argentina or Chile. It was imported to Spain in the 90´s. Syrah adapts very well to warm climates. It has a longer maturation on the vine, which results in a lower alcohol degree and better acidity than some other varieties.

As with the Tempranillo, our objective is to produce a fruity wine, rounded by 5 months of cask ageing. Violet and wild fruits are the prevailing tones, which turn into others like black olive, tobacco or spices while the wine ages in the bottle.

The grape used for making this wine come from a single state, Pancierto. The vineyard is trellis trained and has a drip irrigation system.

Torre de Barreda Cabernet Sauvignon

As the Syrah, our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard was planted in 90´s, trellis trained with drip irrigation system.

This variety is originally French from the region of Bordeaux. It appears in the 18th century as a result of a crossing between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. The result is a strong and resistant plant which grows a small grape with a thick skin and firm pulp. It´s cultivated in most producer countries which gives the variety a global recognition.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a high intensity wine dominated by black fruit (blackberry, blueberry, plums) flavors and aromas, with balsamic tones and a honey end. The tannins are present but matured.

Torre de Barreda Amigos

Torre de Barreda Amigos is our multi-varietal wine. It blends an indigenous variety, Tempranillo, with two imported ones, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, planted in the 90´s.

We have already referred to Syrah and Tempranillo while explaining our single varietal wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is thought to be originally from South-West France.

The philosophy is that the old vine Tempranillo supplies the body and noble tannins to the blend. Syrah provides freshness, floral and red fruit notes, and Cabernet Sauvignon improves the structure and the complexity of the mix.


  • Torre de Barreda Amigos 2011: Gold Medal Mundus Vini (Germany) 2015
  • Torre de Barreda Amigos 2011: Gold Medal Tempranillos al Mundo 2014
  • Torre de Barreda Amigos 2010: Gold Medal CINVE Valladolid 2014
  • Torre de Barreda Amigos 2009: Bronze Medal China Wine Awards 2013
  • Torre de Barreda Amigos 2009: Gold Medal La Selección (Germany) 2013
  • Torre de Barreda Amigos 2009: Gold Medal CINVE Valladolid 2012

Torre de Barreda Pañofino

Pañofino is single vineyard wine named after our oldest vineyard and is made with grapes solely from this vineyard.  It was planted in 1942 and it was one of the first vineyards to be planted in this area after the Spanish Civil War.

The old vines have much larger, well established trunks and their bigger and deeper root systems retain and reserve the nutrients and are better able to cope with the irregularities of the water supply.  The older vines produce fewer grapes with smaller pips which result in a
higher concentration of the flavors provided by the skin.

Our Pañofino is a deep and concentrated wine with a characteristically high intensity on both the nose and palate.  It shows a blend of black matured fruit with mineral and spicy notes. It has been aged for 14 months in French oak barrels which gives to the wine a clear and balanced presence of oak.


  • Torre de Barreda Pañofino 2013: Gold Medal Mundus Vini (Germany) 2015
  • Torre de Barreda Pañofino 2010: Gold Medal CINVE Valladolid 2014
  • Torre de Barreda Pañofino 2008: Silver Bacchus 2013
  • Torre de Barreda Pañofino 2008: Bronze Medal China Wine Awards 2013
  • Torre de Barreda Pañofino 2008: Gold Medal La Selección (Germany) 2013